some food for thought??

thinking about food,
is always good;
reading this blog could……
make you in the mood 🙂

this is our story:

it all started on a cold winter’s day in what is most probably our favourite dimsum restaurant in chinatown. like typical asians, once the food came, cameras were promptly whipped out and aimed at the glorious feast presented before us. ignoring the rolling eyes of the waiter, we proceeded to snap pictures, but to our greatest shock and horror, the lighting was too poor to capture our liu sha baos and their glistening oozy yolks in their full glory. oblivious to the judging stares thrown our way, rach aimed her s3’s assistive light at the lsbz as jo got into position, standing up and bending over the table to capture them from the perfect angle. Just in case you do not know what an assistive light is:


nic did not know where to hide his face, and the girls assured him: “DON’T WORRY, JUST TALK REALLY LOUDLY ABOUT US HAVING A FOOD BLOG AND WE CAN TAKE PICS TO OUR HEARTS’ CONTENT”. little did we know that that comment made in passing struck a chord in all our hearts (and stomachs). and so here we are today.

Presenting to you……*drumrolls*


PS. the girls may love capturing food on their cameras but nic still prefers to capture them in his stomach

PPS. some pics of our food from that fateful day…




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