“I could spend the rest of my life eating in hawker centers.”
“I get the sense that Singaporeans are less likely to “go out” for Chinese or Indian than they are to just go out and eat everything in sight.” (emphasis added)

as i’m sure i’ve said many times before, Singapore – home to only some of the most unpretentious yet the most delicious food in the entire world :’)



Chinese New Year caloriez (read at your own risk)

hate to rain on your cny parade/goodies binge, but thought this was worth a share!

all i can say in response to this is… #YOLO? or as a friend suggested, we shouldn’t always believe what we read on the internet. but unfortunately, that’s probably just wishful thinking 😦

i’m a firm believer that everything in moderation is the way to go though, so go forth and eat on, my friends!

pineapple tartz/bak kwa/love letters/kueh bolu/cookies – get in ma belly 😛

and to all our readers who celebrate cny wherever you may be, gong xi fa cai and have a fabulous time celebrating with friends, family, and FOOD. good food. 🙂


Reasons Singapore is the most delicious place on earth

this is why i am always over the moon to be home 🙂 nothing beats the amazing food on this sunny little island!!! :’)

back in singapore for christmas; stay tuned for some singapore eats!